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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Originally heated with steam, the new condominiums will be heated and cooled with a geothermal system.  The system consists of 52 300-foot deep, 8-inch diameter wells.  Each well contains a 1.5 inch looped pipe and a mixture of concrete and bentonite filling around the pipe.  All 52 wells are connected together and filled with water/glycol mixture which is circulated through the looped pipe throughout the building into a heat pump in each condominium and back into the ground.

The water/glycol mixture is transfers heat from the ground to the building in the winter and from the building to the ground in the summer.  This system will provide approximately 100 tons of heating and cooling capacity at a substantial cost savings to Marymount residents.

Geothermal -pumps

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Overlooking the city of Salina, KS from its majestic hilltop perch is a special place called Marymount often referred to as the Castle on the Hill.  
-Sr. Lucille Herman